Restaurant accounting can be daunting – to put it lightly – because it’s a complex practice with many moving pieces measured against industry benchmarks. Restaurant accounting is time-consuming, time-sensitive, and accuracy dependent. One more thing: it’s also very, very important for your business.

While intimidating, learning what you need to know about restaurant accounting is not impossible. And when you do, you can reap the many benefits of finance-driven business decisions. At Corient, we ensure accounting for restaurants business is easy, straight forward and you get all the details to run the business like a smoothie.

Our accounting services for restaurants include the following:

-Finance and Accounting

  • Daily Sales Tracking and POS Reconciliation
  • Reconciliation of Cash Sheets
  • Accounting for Purchase Invoices
  • Payments to Suppliers
  • Payroll- Weekly, Bi Weekly and Monthly
  • Management and Financial Reporting
  • Cash Flow Management


We provide various analytics report including the following KPIs:
- Sales and profitability KPIs
  • Cash flow
  • Cost of goods sold
  • Labour cost percentage
  • Sales per employee per hour
  • Revenue per available seat hour
  • Table turn rate
  • Average table occupancy
  • Spend per head
  • Employee turnover
- Customer experience KPIs
  • Online reviews
  • Customer retention rate
- Marketing KPIs
  • Social engagement
  • Website traffic


  • We also help you build APIs between your EPOS and Accounting Application

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