Why did you earn a Medical degree? To treat patients or manage practice administration.

Unfortunately, in colleges and universities, doctors are taught about medicine, dentistry, surgery and not administration. Most of the doctors while managing their practice tend to diverse their focus into administration which can take toll on treating patients. Bookkeeping is one of the specialised tasks which comes under practice administration.

One can commit several mistakes while doing their own bookkeeping which include adding wrong records, lack of accounting knowledge, not able to differentiate between cash flow and profit, wrong allocation of remuneration between doctors, etc.

At Corient, we completely understand these challenges and we provide Medical Professionals with Professional Bookkeeping services so that they are able to focus on treating patients rather than worry about Finance and Accounting.

We provide following bookkeeping and accounting services:

  • Cloud Accounting
  • Tax Planning to minimise your liabilities
  • Company Formations
  • Management Accounting
  • Partner Remuneration and Reconciliation

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