Managing Travel Agency is a big task and is subject to several dynamics such as political, weather, etc. Further, there is a competition from several sources and is dependent on various agencies to service single transaction.

With all these multiple challenges, the owner needs to focus on managing business and servicing clients rather than getting carried away in managing back office.

With Corient, you do not have to worry about managing Finance and Accounting, Back Office, etc. We manage it on your behalf on real time basis so that information is available on fingertips and you can give your clients a world class service.

Corient provides various services to travel agencies:

- Finance and Accounting

Accounts Receivable
  • Processing Invoices
  • Customer Refunds
  • Credit Control
Accounts Payable
  • Airline Debit Memo/ Credit Memo
  • Car Payments
  • Insurance
  • Hotel
  • Overhead Expense Booking
  • BSP Reconciliation
  • Follow up for money due from customer
  • Provide statements and resolve queries
  • Complete Client Reconciliation
  • Revenue Assurance
  • Segment Profitability
  • Revenue Source
Back Office
  • Contract Management
  • Coupon Processing
  • Rate Card Maintenance
  • Web Analytics

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