Many passionate Photographers take up Photography as profession. While Photographers excel at growing the business, the back office work like Finance and Accounting and Compliances can prove to be tedious task.

Corient completely understands the challenges that a Photography Agency goes through and for that we have build a specialised bookkeeping service. Our services include the following:

- Finance and Accounting

1. Invoice Raising
  • Establish a trail between Appointments, Photo taken, and Photo used
  • Check the packages
  • Raise invoice
2. Purchase Invoices
  • Pay Contractor Photographers as per agreed rates
  • Reimburse expenses incurred by employees on travelling, etc
  • Process Invoices
  • Make Payments
3. Credit Control
  • Follow up for money due from customer
  • Provide statements and resolve queries
  • Complete Client Reconciliation
4. Bank Reconciliation
  • Apply cash received from clients
  • Make Payments
5. Payroll
  • Process Payroll
  • Provide Payslips
  • RTI and Pension Submissions
  • HMRC Payments

- Technology- Artificial Intelligence

We have developed an Artificial Intelligence Tool which compares the photos taken by Photographers and Photos uploaded by the clients on their website based on property address. Based on the photos uploaded by clients on their website, the system calculates the amount that should be invoiced to client and provides report which can be directly uploaded to Accounting Application.

Due to the above, client is now able to invoice 9% extra on his annual revenue without incurring any additional expenses

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