We provide Payroll services irrespective of the industry you belong We run weekly, bi-weekly and monthly payrolls. With Ontime and Accurate Payroll, you do not have to worry about grievances from your employees neither your employees focus turns away from the business Our pricing is simple and is variable based on the number of employees, so you do not need to worry about costs, etc. We manage payroll from 1 employee to more than 1500 employees
Our Payroll Services include the following:

-Payroll Processing

  • Whether you have standard pay, hourly pay or pay based on units, we process every type of payroll
  • We process weekly, bi-weekly and monthly payrolls

-Real Time Information

  • After every period end, we file Real Time Information with HMRC
  • We will also remind you of HMRC liability a week in advance so that you pay liabilities on time every time.

-Pension Set Up and Contribution

  • We are completely flexible in managing pension with pension provider of your choice
  • We will enroll all your new employees, manage letters for any changes and ensure payments are made to the pension provider


  • We provide payslips over email in an encrypted format
  • We also have a payroll portal where employees can log in and check payslips for the current period as well as the previous period
  • We also send them annual returns over email as well as publish on the portal
  • The above ensures you are not bothered with small queries

-Help Desk

  • We provide Email and Phone Support to employees with a response time of fewer than 24 hours so that you do not lose focus on managing your business

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