As a temp staffing agency, you face many challenges:

  • High employee turnover
  • Increasing client demands
  • Different rates and slabs for employees
  • Managing payroll and raising invoices
  • If you factor invoices, you face the additional challenges of uploading invoices and reconciling the factoring account.

Corient’s PACE Framework helps you solve all these problems. Our Accounting Services for Temp Staffing companies includes:

-Finance and Accounting Services

  • Sales Accounting
  • Processing Time Sheets
  • Processing Payroll, Contractor Payments, Umbrella Company Payments based on Time Sheets
  • Purchase Invoices Processing
  • Employee and Supplier Payments
  • Factoring Upload and Reconciliation
  • VAT Returns
  • Management Accounting
  • Profitability Analytics by Staff and Clients
  • Credit Control and Proactive Management of Receivables

Accounting Sales (Simplified and Scientific Method)

(Simplified and Scientific Method) Purchase Accounting and Payments

Payroll Processing and Reconciliation

Factoring Invoices and Reconciliation

VAT Returns

Management Reporting

-Technology Services

Our Clients also use Time Sheet Software with following features:
  • Employee Documentation
  • Scheduling Shifts for each employee.
  • Timesheet Entry on the Go- Through APP and Web
  • Option to Approve Timesheet on App, Web, Email
  • Auto Calculation of Overtime, Pay Rates, etc
  • Self Invoice generation for Contractors and Umbrella Companies
  • Reports for Payroll Processing
  • Auto Generation of Invoices Integration of Invoices with Xero

- Back office Services

  • CV Collection
  • CV Formatting
  • Scheduling Interviews with Staff
  • HR Documentation

Our specialised reporting and KPI monitoring has helped clients reduce factoring charges, recover money from clients and understand profitability by client.

We generate reports which includes all relevant KPIs for Temp Staffing agencies which helps with cost reduction and credit control. Connect with us to know more about our bookkeeping & accounting services for temp staffing companies.

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