Analytics And Management Supprot

 With deep dive analytics, you certainly will know what is impacting your business. As they say, solution to a problem is simple but identifying a simple solution is more complex. With analytics, identifying solution makes it easy.

The biggest difference between Corient and any comparable provider is that we go beyond the finance function. We analyse what makes the number move rather than just numbers so that you can take right decision. Our analytics services include:

Descriptive analytics

Descriptive analytics answers the question of what happened. For instance, a healthcare provider will learn how many patients were hospitalized last month; what kind of major illness were reported, etc

Diagnostic analytics

At this stage, historical data can be measured against other data to answer the question of why something happened. Due to diagnostic analytics, there is a possibility to drill down and find out dependencies and to identify pattern for issue or a problem.

Predictive analytics

Predictive analytics tells what is likely to happen. It uses the findings of descriptive and diagnostic analytics to detect tendencies, clusters and exceptions, and to predict future trends, which makes it a valuable tool for forecasting.

Prescriptive analytics

The purpose of prescriptive analytics is to literally prescribe what action to take to eliminate a future problem or take full advantage of a promising trend

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